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Latest Version 2019-11-01

TestPresso Workstation 0.0.0 Release Notes

Released 2019-11-01

New Features

  • Core functions

    • Upgraded License Management to reduce a dependency on OS and simplify licenses issuing

    • Reduced memory consumption of a long time operations in Workstation Manager application during plug-ins re-initialization and tests with repetitions

    • Supported test tasks management control of Workstation from Web Center via Web Center Client. To be available in Web Center 1.1.0 (on November 2019)

    • Supported test tasks results and logs reporting to TestPresso Report Server (successor of ATS Tests Dashboard – http://autotest.lge.com/dashboard)

  • Core test development functions

    • TestPresso Plugins Creation Wizard based on key plug-ins templates.

    • Plugin projects type support in Web IDE. Plugins deployment to Test Node for a test after a creation

    • Eclipse IDE test plug-in of ATS/TestPresso was adopted for operation with TestPresso Workstation 1.2

    • UI Inspector code-generation advance: generated code Save to a scenario in Web IDE and loading back, supported comments to a code

    • UI Inspector code-generation: supported generation of API for a text input targeted to the focused screen area and API for clearing Android application cache and stop

  • Platforms test support

    • Supported installation and operation on Ubuntu 18.04

    • Supported testing iOS v12-13 devices (requires xCode v11)

    • Supported testing webOS OSE devices with webOSEClientPlugin

    • Supported testing Android 10 devices with accelerated operations over Android Debug Bridge

  • Advanced UI test methods

    • ImageAnalyzer – improved reliability and usability of multi-resolution images matching for testing application by the same script against multiple devices (consider Limitations below)

Bug Fixes

  • 159 issues (19 Blockers, 50 critical, 90 other)

    • 47 bug-fixes of plug-ins

    • 17 bug-fixes of Web IDE

    • 35 bug-fixes of UI Inspector

    • 66 bug-fixes of Core

  • 30 bug-fixes found in v1.1.3


  • Supported only Python 3.5.4 in Python 3 family

  • During offline installation, user can activate Workstation by email sent tp-support@lge.com. Activation package will be received back

  • On webOSE devices keypress and touch screen events are not supported. The only UI object targeted operations are

  • On webOS devices QT applications UI control is not supported

  • Using images matching functions on multi-resolution images requires an accurate Identity Threshold selection and
    reference images preparation (see API description)

Known Issues

  • Incorrect behavior of the Workstation Manager Web UI components may occur due to Browser cache memory between the system updates

  • Auto-installing Embedded Test Agents on devices in an offline PC mode is not supported

  • Difficulties in a breakpoints toggling during a run debugging session

  • Korean time (KST) is displayed in task status and logs when we run the test task in Task manager (met on Ubuntu and macOS)

  • UI Inspector: In Internet Explorer using Korean text for values of parameters of test API may produce incorrect text. It will be fixed in TPWS 2.0

  • UI Inspector: from few opened device tabs the only 1st is shown after a page refresh.

0.0.0 VERSION UPDATE : 2020-00-00

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